[Snort-users] [barnyard2-users] Compiling Barnyard with ./configure --with-mysql --with-postgresql

beenph beenph at ...11827...
Sun Aug 5 14:55:56 EDT 2012

On Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 2:24 PM, Michael Steele <michaels at ...9077...> wrote:
> I'll grab a new build. I'm guessing Rich was able to compile Barnyard2
> without making the changes you described to me in the
> 'barnyard2/src/output-plugin/spo_database.c' file because he had a newer
> build.
> I did grab the latest build from your link and it did complete the compile
> but only created a 22 KB file when it should be around 1,016 KB. It starts
> and stops without displaying any errors.
> Are you saying this is a global problem effecting all platforms?
> Kindest regards,
> Michael...

pre-stable hasent changed in a while but it has the newest code and
still could have some minor issue.
The issue here is only a C preprocessor issue which required only 2
line of code to change, as i know your
not a programmer this can get verry confusing but  the issue its fixed
by my lastest commit which has not been
yet ported to firnsy repo hence the reason i linked you my branch.

Now, As of the branch that rich compiled its older than this and this
is why he was able to compile for pgsql without
the error, but once you get the new branch everything is fine.

I hope this clarify things a bit.


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