[Snort-users] IP- and Portvar buffer limit?

William Sandin william at ...15738...
Sun Aug 5 04:35:16 EDT 2012

Hi all,

I've been snooping on the list now for a while. I'm very pleased to see
there's such a strong and helpful Network Securty Monitoring community.
Reading users answers and questions here have been a great help for me.

My last few months of work have been involving NIDS - mainly SNORT. I
have one question to you developers / more experienced users.

Is there any limits off how much data you can put in the 'ip' and 'port'
variables such as HOME_NET's - or can i basically add endless amounts of
subnets, or 65,5536 ports one by one if I would be stubborn enough?


William Sandin
Security Researcher

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