[Snort-users] path to dynamic rules libraries Windows

codeforfun codeforfun at ...10619...
Mon Nov 21 21:45:01 EST 2011

Thank you for the reply joel. Yes i should have started the question 
with my current OS. let me rephrase the question.

I am running windows and i have noticed that all the default urls in the 
snort.conf are for linux. Now i have managed to replace all but one of 
these linux url with windows urls.

Could someone please advise me on what i should change the following 
path to so it is compatible with windows:

# path to dynamic rules libraries
dynamicdetection directory /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicrules


On 22/11/2011 02:37, Joel Esler wrote:
> ou implying that you are Not running

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