[Snort-users] Snort Inline mode!!

NA dustypath at ...5068...
Wed Nov 16 10:24:55 EST 2011

So, is daq installed or not? It is a dependency so you'll get nothing
but errors until you install it. For better help from these forums
please state your distro and the versions of Snort, Daq, etc you are
using. Check the README's in the source for better understanding of the
Hope this helps.

On 11/16/11 12:29 AM, Pratik Kumawat wrote:
> I tried with af-packet but it gives error.. and daq-nfq is not
> installed so can u pls tell me how to do it?? On installing daq it shows
> Build NFQ DAQ module....... : no
> Quoting NA <dustypath at ...5068...>:
>> On 11/14/11 11:03 PM, Pratik Kumawat wrote:
>>> How to compile snort for it to be able to run in inline mode?? I tried
>>> using "--enable-inline" while doing ./configure but it says "Warning:
>>> Unrecognized option --enable-inline".. and if I do ./configure without
>>> this, everything goes fine, then make and make install also goes well
>>> but while starting snort, if I use -Q (for inline mode), it gives a
>>> fatal error, "pcap daq not support inline" and quits... Pls someone
>>> tell me how to do it..
>> Please refer to this thread:
>>  [Snort-users] Question for the Guru's
>> Inline mode is handled by daq and works with af-packet and nfq at the
>> least. The thread has more info.
>> -Bill
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