[Snort-users] iFrame's in gifs

Nigel Houghton nhoughton at ...1935...
Sat Jun 25 11:11:06 EDT 2011

On Fri, 24 Jun 2011 19:15:25 -0600, James Lay wrote:
> Sending now..thanks Joel.

Please don't.

Please use the form at snort.org that was specifically designed and 
implemented for this purpose:


(you do need to log in to use it though)

The form is designed around false positive submission, but you can use 
it for getting these things to us without trying to use SMTP as a file 
transfer protocol. You can add .rules files as if they were .conf files 
and you can put other info in the text box, etc...

The upload sends info to the whole team and allows us to track progress 
and action items as well as being more friendly for getting at the 

Joel will be punished on Monday for this transgression.

Nigel Houghton
Head Mentalist
SF VRT Department of Intelligence Excellence
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