[Snort-users] [patch] snort with mysql+SSL support

Ryan Steinmetz rpsfa at ...15322...
Fri Jun 24 21:52:57 EDT 2011


I've thrown together a quick hack to require SSL use when logging to a mysql database.  I've tested this against v2.9.0.5 and it seems to work fine.

A few notes:
-If you are chrooting snort, you'll need to have a devfs mount within the new root as the mysql client libs will want access to /dev/urandom.
-If you are chrooting snort, you will also need to have the certificates available within the chrooted environment as well.
-Once the patch has been applied, snort will require SSL for all mysql connections.  To disable this you will need to revert the patch.
-Certificates must exist in /usr/local/etc/snort/certs and be named as follows:
--ca.pem: The CA's public key
--cert.pem: The client's public key
--key.pem: The client's private key

Ideally, this would be incorporated into future releases and include config knobs to allow for flexibility.


Ryan Steinmetz
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