[Snort-users] Thresholding issue

Lay, James james.lay at ...15009...
Mon Jun 13 09:58:36 EDT 2011

So I have an alert that I sometimes see:

Jun 12 12:12:21 snort[18364]: [123:8:1] (spp_frag3) Fragmentation
overlap [Priority: 3] {UDP} int.ip -> otherint.ip

[07:52:41 ids:~/snort$] grep threshold snort.conf
preprocessor sensitive_data: alert_threshold 25
include eththreshold.conf
[07:58:11 ids:~/snort$] grep 123 eththreshold.conf
suppress gen_id 123, sig_id 8, track by_dst, ip otherint.ip

Did I miss something?  Danke and Gracias all!


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