[Snort-users] Snorby opinions

Randal T. Rioux randy at ...13561...
Mon Jun 6 16:04:33 EDT 2011

On 6/6/2011 3:13 PM, Dustin Webber wrote:
> Randy,
> | | But PHP still kings with options and available classes (Zend rocks).
> Not 100% sure what this means but if you type rails, node and even
> django into github.com <http://github.com> you will be flooded with more
> plugins, engines and libraries then you can handle in a lifetime (also I
> would argue that this is a bad thing). 
> - PHP was created from a bunch of perl scripts and hacked into a
> language from a poorly written framework. (not my words.. the creator of
> phps.. google it) 
> - It has no object model. 
> - It's known around the world as the most vulnerably language/project to
> ever be released publicly.
> - Inheritance is php -- It just copies the code into memory
> and basically pastes it into a 'class' (I find it hard to call them
> classes because is CS a php class is more of a module). 
> - PHP didn't even support encoding until like last year man.
> - There are no evented frameworks for PHP.. good luck writing a
> nonblocking server or web application.
> - There is no good ORMS for php.. people still even write SQL inline ..
> srsly??
> - There is no good MVC frameworks.. please don't say cakephp or
> coreigniter.. wow.. huge fails.
> - There are no such thing as closures in php.. forget about keeping your
> code dry or writing custom api/dsls.
> etc.. etc..

Well played, sir :-)  I will rebut one point: PHP5 introduced a new
object model (full). There are quirks, but it has treated me well. I
will try out Rails though. Looks rather interesting.

> - http://www.codedifferent.com/2008/04/02/ruby-on-rails-or-zend-framework-%E2%80%93-deciding-now/ 
> read the first comment from the creator of your Zend framework.. hes
> 100% correct.. php was not designed properly.. its just the truth.. its
> like using a gocart someone modified to be drivable on the highway.
> There is just so much more polished software out there man - You don't
> see many people building websites with vbscript right? you could..
> totally.. buy why not?

I'm tempted to try this: http://www.webtoolkit.eu/wt

> anyways .. we got way off topic here.. not the best place for language
> wars but there are a bunch of articles on php design flaws and go way
> more in depth.. check it out.

Nonsense! We have all kinds of wars here. Part of the fun! As long as
the "wars" introduce something of value it can only help the community.
It all trickles back to Snort dev/usage in some manner.


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