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Wed Jun 1 16:49:31 EDT 2011

On Jun 1, 2011, at 4:39 PM, Lay, James wrote:

> Hey all!
> So….one of the things I’ve heard that impacts opinions of not just Snort, but open-source in general, is that “there’s no support”.  So…if I get hit by a bus, who’s going to support my open-source system?  So my question is, is there such thing as a pay-per-incident support specifically for Snort?  Just curious..thanks.

James --

We have consulting for Snort that you can purchase through the Sourcefire side of the company, and the VRT has always had signature support for free by simply emailing us.  

As far as support for the IDS itself, no, it's community supported, and many Sourcefire employees and Developers are on the list to help out including all of the VRT.  Support for Snort itself comes through our support contracts if you purchase Sourcefire hardware.  But not for the Open Source side directly.

Closest thing we have for that is the consulting.

Please contact me off line if you are interested.  I do not want be seen as "advertising" on-list.

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