[Snort-users] Reload Snort to use new ruleset

Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at ...14358...
Thu Jul 28 14:26:11 EDT 2011

One minor nit.  Your script should restart barnyard before restarting 
snort.  Otherwise it is possible to catch an alert that won't be classified 
because barnyard has not yet reread the sid-msg.map file.

Yes, I said it's a nit.

--On July 26, 2011 8:44:44 PM +0000 "Castle, Shane" 
<scastle at ...14946...> wrote:

> The command "kill -SIGHUP <pid>" has not worked for some time with Snort
> IIRC (nor pkill, which I had been using before) and the suggested init.d
> entry for controlling snort does not use it, either, but rather stop and
> start:
>     restart|reload)
>         $0 stop
>         $0 start
> I suspect the doc needs updating.
> Add in using barnyard2 and things get more interesting. Here is my
> current cron script that uses oinkmaster (no pulledpork suggestions
> please):
># !/bin/bash
> cd /etc/snort
> /sbin/service barnyard2 stop
> ./oinkmaster.pl -o ./rules -b ./backup -C ./bleeding-oink.conf -C
> ./oinkmaster.conf >oink.out 2>&1
> ./create-sidmap.pl rules >sid-msg.map
> /sbin/service snort restart
> /sbin/service barnyard2 start

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