[Snort-users] Reload Snort to use new ruleset

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Tue Jul 26 16:51:40 EDT 2011

If you configured your snort install correctly to allow reload via
#kill -HUP <snort-pid>

My configure line:
$ ./configure --enable-gre --enable-mpls --enable-targetbased
--enable-reload --enable-decoder-preprocessor-rules --enable-ppm
--enable-perfprofiling --with-mysql --enable-zlib

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> I have found this only works when running snort as root. Are you running snort as root?
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> I understand the command kill -SIGHUP <pid> should reload Snort with the ability to read an updated ruleset.  However, it only seems to kill it.  I am manually adding new rules, so I would like to reload Snort to avoid any downtime monitoring.  I used the -enable-reload switch when I compiled Snort on an Ubuntu OS.  What am I missing?
> Thanks in advance,
> Rick

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