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Wed Jul 13 16:27:41 EDT 2011

Any tool can be useful here, but if you want your own stats I would suggest
querying the database itself and generating them.  Also, if you want bad
guys that are scanning ports regularly then I would just use an already
known list for that type of stuff and kill them at your firewall.  Portscan
detection has very low value in the overall scheme of you trying to catch a
bad guy.

Just my .02


On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 2:20 PM, Lay, James <james.lay at ...15009...>wrote:

> Hey all!****
> ** **
> So…I’ve got Snorby installed…it was a hoot, but it’s done now.  My goal for
> the GUI is to easily see trends over time….try and catch the bad guys that
> scan 5 ports a day and junk like that.  Is Snorby the best for this or is
> there something else better out there?  Thanks for any advice.****
> ** **
> James****
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