[Snort-users] OT: Debian\Snort Howto

Weir, Jason jason.weir at ...14916...
Tue Feb 15 11:56:10 EST 2011

I just finished a write-up on installing and configuring a Debian\Snort
based IDS..

It includes everything you need to capture and log snort events to
mysql, it uses base as the web front end and pulled pork keeping the
rules up to date..


It includes the latest versions of the following:

Debian 6.0 Squeeze
Barnyard2 1.9
Base 1.4.5

Takes about an hour start to finish...Not Joel's 15 minutes but not too

I hope it helps someone get started, I know the original helped me years

Let me know if you find any errors, typos or otherwise..



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