[Snort-users] SQueRT 0.8 Released.

Paul Halliday paul.halliday at ...11827...
Thu Feb 10 17:26:40 EST 2011


-- country mappings can now be done in the background via cron
-- an input box has been added that will accept country names and
codes to filter queries
-- a country 'tag cloud' that can be primed prior to event queries has bee added
-- an exclude input box has been added so that you can pick away at
your query results
-- different property files can be used when creating link graphs
-- different split modes can be used when creating link graphs
-- canvas colour can be changed when creating link graphs
-- fixed protocol function to acknowledge unknown entries
-- fixed sorting problem with 'existing files' drop down
-- sensor selection now fully enumerates the sensor table and
(supported) agent types

## Pictures are here:


## More information is available here:


## You can download it here:


Paul Halliday

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