[Snort-users] Freebsd snorters: Freebsd port for snort has been posted

Michael Scheidell michael.scheidell at ...8144...
Wed Feb 9 05:20:08 EST 2011

If you are using the freebsd ports tree, you can now upgrade to 
via ports, portsupgrade, portmanager or make deinstall reinstal.

Upgrade your ports tree (this includes the required daq 0.5_1)
upgrade daq 0.5 if not done already, then upgrade snort.

Also note, for those of you who have waited long hours for the freebsd 
port to sync up with SF, you will notice a new maintainer.
SF's very own Dean Freeman has graciously volunteered to take over the 

This may mean that the new freebsd port might be ready 38 mins after SF 
releases a new version!

please note config options on port.
These were chosen to reflect (as close as possible) the port 
defaults, and might differ a little from SF default.

Examples:  ipv6 and targetedbase is off by default, and of course, 
flexresp3 has replaced flexresp2 and the original.

see this for porting notes:

also, freebsd snorters: in order to use the larger bpf buffers, with cli 
./snort --daq pcap --daq-var buffer_size=10485760

you need to adjust a sysctl value to at least the requested buffer size:

sysctl -a net.bpf | grep buf
net.bpf.maxbufsize: 10485760
net.bpf.bufsize: 4096

if you ask for a buffer_size > net.bpf.maxbufsize you will get the 
if you don't specify -daq-var buffer_size= you will get the default:  

thanks to all who helped with this.  this makes it easier for us to keep 
up with current snort.

(ps, I still can't get ipfw to work, even with old snort_inline.. any 
geniouses that have figured this out, maybe we can document the painful 
steps necessary to get it to work in a divert/if_bridge environment.. 
yes, it DOES work with freebsd 7.3+, several people have done it, its a 
matter of arranging  the atoms in just the right order, and it seems to 
be a hit and miss thing)

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