[Snort-users] daq inline and ipfw does not support ipv6?

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Fri Feb 4 10:31:42 EST 2011

being as the last /8 ipv4 block has been assigned, I think it might be 
time to make sure everything worked with ipv6, so we can fix it if it 

I noticed on snort manual section 1.5.6, IPFW that it seems to indicate 
that the ipfw module does not support ipv6.  Is this something *BSD 
needs to fix? or snort?

IPFW is available for BSD systems. It replaces the inline version 
available in pre-2.9 versions built with this:
     ./configure --enable-ipfw / -DGIDS -DIPFW
This command line argument is no longer supported:
     ./snort -J <port#>
Instead, start Snort like this:
     ./snort --daq ipfw [--daq-var port=<port>]
<port> ::= 1..65535; default is 8000
* IPFW only supports ip4 traffic.

platform is freebsd 7.3, amd64, but I am not sure that affects the manual.

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