[Snort-users] Snort Deployment Configurations

Michael Lubinski michael.lubinski at ...11827...
Thu Feb 3 19:31:13 EST 2011

I find myself thinking more and more in the realm of NSM and Snort. I have
been running different theoretical deployment situations in my head on how /
where I would deploy a snort sensor. I thought "Why don't I just ask the
people that work with it everyday." I would imagine running Snort on the
outside of your network would net a different set of rules being active as
would a Snort sensor running internally.

Does anyone run Snort in multiple locations with varied purposes like this

Before I started to really dig into snort I always thought of it as a inline
gateway monitor / filter between you and the world, but the more I learn
that it can be much more universal depending on the rules included.

What other considerations might someone new to snort such as myself overlook
at first thought?
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