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I have a problem with the signal issue. You REALLY need to read your man
page about signals. On most Linux systems, "man 7 signal" will tell you
what you want, but essentially, you should NEVER use the number of a
signal but always its name, e.g., "kill -USR1 <pid>" or "kill -s USR1
<pid>". The number corresponding to a signal changes with the Unix
implementation and the platform on which it is running.

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On 2/1/11 1:56 PM, Joel Esler wrote: 

	That's not right.  I'll bug this on our side for our developers
to take a look.   

Would you consider it a bug to fail on a signal 30, if system build with
targetbased, and doesn't have a targets.xml file?

You might ask, why send a signal 30 to reload the targets.xml file if
you don't have system compiled with --enable-targetbased?

(freebsd sends a signal 30 is you send it a SIGUSR1)

I might ask, if --enable-targetbased is NOT specified, why include the
code to look for the targets.xml file?

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