[Snort-users] snort seminars in germany ?

Marc Manthey (macbroadcast ) marc at ...15297...
Tue Dec 27 17:04:32 EST 2011

hello everybody,

I think i wrote to this list ealier  but snort was a bit over my head,  
i am originally a mac user and i used debian for some time.

But now i am mad like hell and  i dont wanna take it nomore :)

After i did some research i saw that there is not much around so i  
came back to snort with a few questions.

1. Are there any seminars in germany ( for beginners )

2. I am using a video chatting software (camfrog.com )  for a few  
years, but these community has a big problem , DDOS attacks.
     Right now camfrog rip off people with cloudhosting (1000 user  
room for 900 $ per month, an average linux  server for 200 people  
costs 30 $ per month !! ) ,
     they say its hackproof and it isnt , so you still can easily Ddos  
any room. From some admins i heard they are using Botnets, so i guess  
snort cant hand this or ?

But even smaller attacks from 2 - 3 server whitch is mostly the case  
would not be a problem right ?
So there are dozent of admins , who pay a lot for there rooms and they  
all get attacked and loosing all their visitors.
I would like to learn snort from sratch and give this knowledge to all  
the people that really dont have a clue and get ripped of  from these  
company and spend hundreds of dollar per month without any warranty.

greetings from germany


P.S. In the past months they hacked my server used it for a DDos  
attack and i need to pay 200 euro for the traffic http://let.de/index.php/new-server-new-luck/

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