[Snort-users] can't log send out packets

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Thu Dec 22 06:51:44 EST 2011

    I install snort 2.9.1 on win7 notebook. There are two network card in my computer.One is wireless,the other is ethernet card. when i enable  wireless netcard,i can get income packets and send packets in mysql database.but when i swich to ethernet netcard ,i can only get income packets,can't get sent packets. so i can only get 4 rows when i use
 alert icmp any any -> any any  (content:"abcd";sid:10007777)   in snort.conf with  ethernet netcad
 from WIN7 ping other IP. while get 8 rows with wireless netcard.
 I install  snort 2.9.1 on another computer with only one netcard. It  work right.(8 rows with ping)
 I want use Snort to log all sql command when i use WIN7 to manager remote ORACLE database.
 when i use   snort -vde -c d:\snort\etc\snort.conf (with ethernet card)
 I can see 8  ping  packets,but why ony 4 income packets be loged?
 thanks lot ,sorry for poor english
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