[Snort-users] snort not record alert

troxlinux xserverlinux at ...11827...
Thu Dec 8 13:26:24 EST 2011

         Hi list, I am trying to run snort in my server firewall,
following some guides especially that of snort with centos 5 of the
site snort.org, everything one carries out with success but I don't
see that snort records alerts in the BD mysql and I don't see any
event in the log of snort...

any idea?

look my log :

ule application order:
Verifying Preprocessor Configurations!
ICMP tracking disabled, no ICMP sessions allocated
pcap DAQ configured to passive.
Acquiring network traffic from "eth0".
Reload thread starting...
Reload thread started, thread 0x42090940 (9278)
Decoding Ethernet
WARNING: normalizations disabled because DAQ can't replace packets.
database: compiled support for (mysql)
database: configured to use mysql
database: schema version = 107
database:           host = localhost
database:           user = snortmen
database:  database name = snort
database:    sensor name =
database:      sensor id = 1
database:  data encoding = hex
database:   detail level = full
database:     ignore_bpf = no
database: using the "log" facility

       --== Initialization Complete ==--

  ,,_     -*> Snort! <*-
 o"  )~   Version IPv6 GRE (Build 84)
  ''''    By Martin Roesch & The Snort Team:
          Copyright (C) 1998-2011 Sourcefire, Inc., et al.
          Using libpcap version 1.1.1
          Using PCRE version: 6.6 06-Feb-2006
          Using ZLIB version: 1.2.3

          Rules Engine: SF_SNORT_DETECTION_ENGINE  Version 1.15  <Build 18>
          Preprocessor Object: SF_DNS (IPV6)  Version 1.1  <Build 4>
          Preprocessor Object: SF_SSLPP (IPV6)  Version 1.1  <Build 4>
          Preprocessor Object: SF_IMAP (IPV6)  Version 1.0  <Build 1>
          Preprocessor Object: SF_SMTP (IPV6)  Version 1.1  <Build 9>
          Preprocessor Object: SF_FTPTELNET (IPV6)  Version 1.2  <Build 13>
          Preprocessor Object: SF_SSH (IPV6)  Version 1.1  <Build 3>
          Preprocessor Object: SF_SIP (IPV6)  Version 1.1  <Build 1>



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