[Snort-users] Snort - VPS web server (Debian)

Johnny Venter Johnny.Venter at ...15370...
Sun Aug 28 13:26:26 EDT 2011


I am looking for guidance/advice.

I have a VPS server that is running Debian with Lighttpd and sendmail.  The memory is 256MB and the HD space is 10GB.

The website I have is very light and mainly static content.

Currently, I have iptables installed that permits port 80/443 inbound.

I would like to install Snort on this VPS in IPS mode without bringing my system to a crawl.  I assume I can disable the preprocessors that I will not need.  So I can just enable the web preprocessors?

Is this correct and can someone add input if they have completed the same project before?

Thanks, Johnny

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