[Snort-users] Snort 2.9.1 Now Available

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Wed Aug 24 14:39:21 EDT 2011

Hello Ryan,

Thanks for getting back to me on this 'issue'. I understand the reason 
behind the different source tarballs but IMHO it's confusing at the very 
least. IMHO, there should be either:

1) a set of 3 source files.
- snort-2.9.1.tar.gz
- snort-2.9.1-1.el6.src.rpm (with the centos6 tarball)
- snort-2.9.1-1.fc13.src.rpm (with the fc13 tarball)


2) a set of only two files:
- snort-2.9.1.tar.gz
- snort-2.9.1-1.src.rpm (a generic distribution-agnostic source rpm 
containing the tarball cited aboved. with matching md5).

I find that confusing and it got me a little worried when I first ran into 
this issue during the 2.9.0.x released. But as long as the issue is known 
by sourcefire, I guess I won't have to worry. :)

In case you'd ask, both my
snort-2.9.1-1.el6.src.rpm and snort-2.9.1-1.el5.src.rpm contain the 
original .tar.gz from snort's download area.

Thanks for making this release available,

Best regards,


On Wed, 24 Aug 2011, Ryan Jordan wrote:

> Hi Vincent,
> When I build the Snort packages, I use two build machines: One on CentOS 6, and one on Fedora 13. They are running different versions of Autoconf.
> Normally, each machine produces its own copy of the tarball and source RPM. I have to pick one and discard the other. Somehow, I managed to get the tarball from one machine but
> the source RPM from the other.
> The files you list with differences fall into two categories:
> 1) autoconf's output
> 2) The Snort manual
> The autoconf output is different because the output contains autoconf's version number. The Snort manual is re-generated as part of the RPM build process. The manual is stamped
> with the date on which the PDF was generated, so sometimes the RPM and the tarball get different dates.
> Rest assured, the actual source code is the same.
> Regards,
> Ryan

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