[Snort-users] snort web interface

alexus alexus at ...11827...
Wed Aug 24 11:11:56 EDT 2011

whoa, please let's stop all this fighting all I wanted to know what
tool you'd suggest for me to use...
I understand people have their own opinions and that's ok, but really
no need to fight.

back in the days when I last used snort IDS I used to use ACID which I
think later on was renamed to BASE (or the other way around)
but I was wondering since then if snort community came out with
anything more interesting then that.
I'm not a super duper knowledgeable like some of you, but for
beginner/average sysadmin, what's out there that'd be fairly easy to
setup and use?
i certainly looking forward for more active projects vs dead projects.
I really like response of Jason Meller, even though I understand again
that's his opinion and on the top he's one of guys for one of the
project, but it's still his opinion.
I'm definitely will give Snorby a shot although in begging I was going
do Squert, so now I'm thinking to do both and see which one I like
anyways, thanks for all of you who participate in answering my
question, your input is appreciate it.

and please let's all stop fighting and live in peace :))


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