[Snort-users] snort web interface

Randal T. Rioux randy at ...13561...
Tue Aug 23 23:39:06 EDT 2011

On 8/23/2011 9:55 PM, Dustin Webber wrote:
> Very concerned with the comments by James Lay and Adam
> Wright... Idiotic to say the least... anyways..

First, don't top post. Joel gets away with it because he's acknowledged
his sins. But I still poke him with my virtual stick and make faces.

Second, I try to not feed trolls, but my flight was long and my filters
are off.

I was excited to try Snorby. Then I saw this drivel. People don't get
far in open source by being dicks. If you want people to respect you and
trust the stuff you put out there, tell them what is good about it
instead of telling them they're stupid for not using it.

So without drawing this out, I'm just going to say: don't be a dick.


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