[Snort-users] Barnyard2 and dealing with mysql_error

James Lay jlay at ...13475...
Sun Aug 7 16:38:38 EDT 2011

>Greetings James,
>is your database having some issue?
>Where is your database located? On the same system on a remote system?
>Is there any network quirks that woul tear down your session?
>Are you using a SSL session?
>Do you have some timeout values set in your my.conf (server side)?

DB is peachy

Oh it's remote (and on a certain PPPoE link you may be familiar with ;))

Just my ISP 8-|...sometimes my pppoe link bounces..not often, but often
enough (twice a month?).

Negative on SSL (I know...I know.. ;))

Haven't set the server variables yet in my.conf.  I've seen some things
after googling, but I'm hoping to get some recommendations here.  Thank


P.S. Joining the barnyard2 groups today so I don't drive everyone in the
snort groups crazy ;)

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