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Wed Apr 27 11:29:17 EDT 2011

Ok....I got this to fly.....looks like I'll make a new script to gank
what I need on the fly ;)  Thanks Joel.




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Can't you use "pcap" output in barnyard?



On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 10:22 AM, Lay, James <james.lay at ...15009...>

So yea.....I'm sure you all saw this coming ;)


Now that I have unified2 output, the long and short is:  what can I do
with it?  I don't want to run barnyard and pipe to a db...I just want to
see the packets command line.  My research/results so far:


Cerberus:  Old, slow, shareware

U2boat:  errors with no packets output:

[08:10:56:~/log$] u2boat snort-unified.1303847056 ~/test.pcap

Defaulting to pcap output.

Error: incomplete record. 662559 of 1073741824 bytes read.

[08:11:01:~/log$] ls -l ~/test.pcap

-rw------- 1  0 2011-04-27 08:11 //test.pcap

U2spewfoo: errors with no results:

                [08:15:06 :~/log$] u2spewfoo snort-unified.1303847056

get_record: (2) Failed to read all of record data.

Read 662559 of 1073741824 bytes


I looked at mudpit as well, but again, it seems to be just a data
spooler/redirector.  My process for handling snort alerts is:

                See the alert in the logs

                Do a whois on the remote IP

                tshark -X the current snort.pcap file matching the
remote IP to see the raw packet caught


How does unified2 output fit into this type of response?  Thanks for any
help all.



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