[Snort-users] problem with "-Q --daq ipq" in run snort-

M.Turner Turner msbzag at ...11827...
Tue Apr 19 10:21:42 EDT 2011

i want use snort - in inline mode as inline mode on snort_2.8.5.3 and
work with iptable .

when i use snort - :
./snort -vde -Q --daq ipq -c /etc/snort/snort.conf
then message show:
ipq DAQ configured to inline .
ERROR : log_tcpdump: Failed to open log file
"/var/log/snort/snort.log.1303653442"  : No such file or directory

but when i run :
./snort -vde -Q --daq dump
then message show:
dump DAQ configured to inline .
and run successful

how can i solve problem with "-Q --daq ipq" in run snort- ?
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