[Snort-users] barnyard2 error with waldo file

Agus agus.262 at ...11827...
Thu Apr 14 13:56:15 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

I am getting this error in my new sensor since yesterday and can't solve it.

WARNING: Unable to open waldo file '/var/log/snort/barnyard.waldo' (No
such file or directory)

then i did

cp /dev/null /var/log/snort/barnyard.waldo
/usr/local/bin/barnyard2 -c /etc/snort/barnyard2.conf -d
/var/log/snort -f snort.log -w /var/log/snort/barnyard.waldo

and i get
WARNING: Ignoring corrupt/truncated waldofile '/var/log/snort/barnyard.waldo'

i tried touch, chown to snort.. but always same error... In my first
sensor i dont remember having this issue.. same version barnyard2.1.9

any hints?


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