[Snort-users] Snort VM monitoring other VMs (virtual environment)

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No, it is Eucalyptus Cloud
I believe it is using Xen virtualization

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Is this a VMWare environment?

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I am new to
Snort in general and I have the following question,

I am
running Snort 2.9 on a virtual machine with 1 NIC (eth0) and I manage to detect
and log alerts generated from it. (I will call it Snort-VM)

My question,
if I run another virtual machine (I will call it App-VM)within the same network
of the Snort-VM (same subnet mask). Will I be able to configure Snort-VM to
pick up traffic generated from App-VM?

So in general,

Is it even
possible to let Snort log traffic for other virtual machines?


Thank you,


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