[Snort-users] Gbps Network Taps

Mark W. Jeanmougin mark.jeanmougin at ...14628...
Thu Apr 7 07:53:30 EDT 2011

On 04/07/2011 06:04 AM, Joe Pampel wrote:
 > We' using VSS.

We were using NetOptics iBypass taps (1 Gbit Copper & Fiber and 10 Gbit 
Fiber) to put our Sourcefire gear inline. They're horrible:
* They'll send out snmp traps saying "Port A Utilization is at 52%" WHO 
CARES!?!? (You can't turn these off. Further, you can fully saturate a 
line, and it won't send out a trap. It seems totally random)
* There's no good way to force a tap into "bypass" mode (to do 
maintenance on your snort sensor)
* They don't always send out snmp traps when they go into bypass mode. 
Or come out of bypass mode.

We just bought like $200k worth of Datacom systems taps. Hopefully, 
these will be better. The Networking guys did lots of research on these. 
It sounds like they work well with snmp & sending out info via syslog.

I'm the "IPS guy". The "networking guys" handle the taps.


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