[Snort-users] Snort 2.9.04 not Alert on Inet interface

childrenofchaos at ...10061... childrenofchaos at ...10061...
Mon Apr 4 12:00:34 EDT 2011


Snort is running on Ubuntu, i wrote an easy rule which should alert if a packet hits an special IP with ssh port.
from the localnet ( it works perfekt.

But when i change the rule and the interface to ppp0 or eth1 (inet iface) and try it from an externel server, the alert doesn´t occour.
i saw, that !no! alerts occour from the inet interface oO

$EXTERNAL_NET any ( or !$HOME_NET -> same...)

i don´t know why snort can not "hear" on the inet iface.
all Rules work fine from the localnet, but not from extern.

i hope, someone can point me the way

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