[Snort-users] More problems with pulledpork 0.6.0

JJC cummingsj at ...11827...
Fri Apr 1 10:39:41 EDT 2011

Using your exact settings (for disablesid and dropsid) I am not able to
reproduce the issue.

Rule Stats....
        Enabled Rules:----3509
        Dropped Rules:----1799
        Disabled Rules:---10211
        Total Rules:------15519

Do you have an ips_policy value specified in your pulledpork.conf file?  Can
you provide to me your pulledpork.conf file and the runtime options that you
are using?


On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 8:31 AM, carlopmart <carlopmart at ...11827...> wrote:

> On 04/01/2011 04:28 PM, JJC wrote:
>> I'll test and let ya know shortly.. these look like ET open rules?
> Yes, there are open ET rules.
> --
> CL Martinez
> carlopmart {at} gmail {d0t} com
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