[Snort-users] Snort configuration file location

Joe S js.lists at ...11827...
Fri Sep 24 13:41:42 EDT 2010

Over the years, I've installed snort using a variety of OS's and
packages. It seems everyone installs snort files to a different place.
I hate having some files in /etc/, and some in /usr/local.

I was wondering if anyone uses a prefix of something like
/usr/local/snort to keep snort it.

I'm trying it out now, and after installing snort with the prefix of
/usr/local/snort and then unpacking the VRT rules in the same
directory, I have this:

|-- bin
|-- doc
|   `-- signatures
|-- etc
|-- lib
|   |-- pkgconfig
|   |-- snort_dynamicengine
|   `-- snort_dynamicpreprocessor
|-- preproc_rules
|-- rules
|-- share
|   |-- doc
|   `-- man
|-- so_rules
|   |-- precompiled
|   `-- src
`-- src
    `-- snort_dynamicsrc

I know this may sound like a trivial manner, but I'm just wondering
what some of you have found helpful. Any suggestions are appreciated.

(i need to install from source)

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