[Snort-users] command line options...

waldo kitty wkitty42 at ...14940...
Thu Sep 23 17:34:35 EDT 2010

On 9/23/2010 16:22, Jefferson, Shawn wrote:
> It's definitely in the config.log in the directory where you ran configure/make if you still have that around.

yes, actually, i do still have that on the devel box with its "unique" build 
environment... thanks to you and others who have responded... i was hoping that 
there was a command line option so that those who get/use pre-compiled versions 
of snort would have a method of listing them...

it seems that our build environment is pretty generic and i would have to say 
that our snort is compiled with "default options" as there's really nothing 
passed to it in configure :?

wonder what we're missing and how important it may be :/

additionally, i wonder how much more memory footprint and processor time 
enabling the VRT recommended options will take... our target platforms are 
older, small "throw away" boxes that otherwise have no use for many... the base 
units i generally recommend only have 512M RAM and 700mhz CPUs... but then 
again, our aim is for the "little guys" (SOHO, individuals) to have a decent box 
that provides decent protection... snort (in IDS) mode is a nice feature and one 
of my projects takes that a step further and provides automated reactive 
responses (ie: automatic blocking) to snort's alerts...

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