[Snort-users] specific-threats file messed up?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at ...14940...
Wed Sep 15 21:07:16 EDT 2010

On 9/15/2010 18:48, Patrick Mullen wrote:
>> just noticing the thread about specific-threats.rules so i took a peek at mine
>> and the first thing i note is that it seems to be "broken"... "broken" in that
>> there are 6 rules listed /ABOVE/ the copyright boilerplate text...
> Thanks for letting us know.  We'll look into it.

you are welcome... i guess, in retrospect, that listing the individual rules 
doesn't matter but moreso the names of the files is what is important...

hope you find it and that it isn't too much trouble to fix... i assume that you 
also saw my later comment about the two that do not have a copyright boilerplate 
in them at all...

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