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Fri Sep 3 15:47:53 EDT 2010

--On Thursday, September 02, 2010 17:52:36 -0400 "Lawrence R. Hughes, Sr." 
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> Hi Paul,
> Thanks for your reply, going on your description:
> paul> The classification id is "embedded" in the db already.  Each active
> signature
> paul> is registered with its class_id when it's read into snort during
> startup.  When
> paul> a signature triggers, its sig_name ties to all the other values.
> I cleared my mysql.log, started barnyard2 then snort.
> I checked the mysql.log and it did not show where barnyard did anything you
> mentioned above at startup.

Because your database was already populated.

>From line 1371 &ff of spo_database.c

   sig_id = Select(select0, data);

    /* If this signature is detected for the first time
     *  - write the signature
     *  - write the signature's references, classification, priority, id,
     *                          revision number
     * Note: if a signature (identified with a unique text message, revision #)
     *       initially is logged to the DB without references/classification,
     *       but later they are added, this information will _not_ be
     *       stored/updated unless the revision number is changed.
     *       This algorithm is used in order to prevent many DB SELECTs to
     *       verify their presence _every_ time the alert is triggered.
    if(sig_id == 0)
        if(cn != NULL)
            /* classification */
                /* Get the ID # of this classification */
                select1 = (char *) SnortAlloc(MAX_QUERY_LENGTH+1);
                sig_class = snort_escape_string(cn->type, data);

                ret = SnortSnprintf(select1, MAX_QUERY_LENGTH,
                                    "SELECT sig_class_id "
                                    "  FROM sig_class "

And so forth.

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