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Yup - me too.
Looks like they have not updated that page for a while..
Either way I don't believe a pre rule set is available for
Again - I think a Snort upgrade to or 2.9 is in order..
I'm sure someone from the VRT will be along shortly to explain it better
than I can..

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	But this is in my oinkcode section fro Snort site: 
	Downloading with your Oinkcode
	Important Note

	We are changing the way we publish rules. In June 2010 we
stopped offering rules in the "snortrules-snapshot-CURRENT" format.
Instead, rules are released for specific versions of Snort. You will be
responsible for downloading the correct rules release for your version
of Snort. The new versioning mechanism will require a four digit version
in the file name. For the Subscriber and Registered releases of Snort and Snort, the download links would look as follows:

	Subscriber Release



	Registered User Release

8b55441d6aeb6983048178df82d721b9> oinkcode>

	What can I do now ????

	2010/10/28 Weir, Jason <jason.weir at ...14916...>

		I think VRT only supports snort and 2.9 - you
will probably have to upgrade...

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			Subject: [Snort-users] URL to download VRT rules
			Dear all, I've registered in snort.org to
download the VRT rules....I have Snort 

			I use oinkmaster to download the rules, but what
is the new URL I have to use:


8b55441d6aeb6983048178df82d721b9> oinkcode>

			or this:
			Thanks a lot.


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