[Snort-users] OpenBSD 4.7 / Snort 2.9 -- libsf_engine.so missing

Randal T. Rioux randy at ...13561...
Fri Oct 15 04:13:28 EDT 2010

Can't sleep after all. So I'm messing with stuff.

Something odd here. This is my Snort configure statement:

# ./configure --enable-reload \
  --enable-ppm \
  --enable-zlib \
  --enable-perfprofiling \
  --with-libpcap-includes=/usr/local/include \
  --with-libpcap-libraries=/usr/local/lib \
  --with-dnet-includes=/usr/local/include \
  --with-dnet-libraries=/usr/local/lib \
  --with-daq-includes=/usr/local/include \

Running Snort dies during initialization with the following error:

ERROR: parser.c(5200) Could not stat dynamic module path
"/usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicengine/libsf_engine.so": No such file or
Fatal Error, Quitting..

This is what I have in that directory:

# ls /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicengine/
libsf_engine.a  libsf_engine.la

As you can see, no .so.x file(s).

Any advice?


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