[Snort-users] Holy Crap

Randal T. Rioux randy at ...13561...
Thu Oct 14 23:57:25 EDT 2010

Ok. Confession. I've been using Snort for over a decade and never ONCE
clicked or asked to see how much the VRT Rule Subscription cost for
personal use.

$30? Really? For a year? That's it?

I'm no shill here (no monetary affiliation with Sourcefire/VRT), but I
have to say I'm embarrassed to have never tossed the dimes.

I just checked the new Emerging Threats PRO subscription price and that
is $350 per sensor (no split for personal/corp when I looked).

Since both SF and ET are for profit entities now, the choice is clear
for me.

FYI, I'm not dissing ET - competition is great and they do an awesome
job. I'm just cheap, and if I'm going to pay for something (personally
or for the corp or gov overlords), I want the best value.

Just had to toss that out before I head to bed. That and, when are the
AIX SO rules going to be released!? ;-)


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