[Snort-users] Just Analyzing tcpdump files according to defined rules.

Nerijus Krukauskas nkrukauskas at ...11827...
Thu Oct 7 01:52:45 EDT 2010

On Thu, October 7, 2010 06:12, alexandre suzuki wrote:
> I do not want snort running as a daemon,I just want it to analyze tcpdump
> files of my Internet connections,detecting intrusions etc. according to
> the established ruleset.My first attempts were not OK.Can someone show
> here the right command line options,and eventually any change to
> snort.conf? -I use snort

Aren't people reading the manuals or using search these days anymore? Now
go to http://blog.joelesler.net/the-snort-drinking-game and take your


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