[Snort-users] EOL for Snort and Snort rules reminder

Mike Lococo mikelococo at ...11827...
Tue Oct 5 12:25:18 EDT 2010

> "Prior Version: The major release previous to the current production 
> release with the highest minor and patch releases"
> We provide rule sets for the current version and prior version of Snort.
> So, as of now, the current production release is 2.9.0 and the prior 
> version would be

I read that to indicate that there is ongoing support for the most
recent two major releases, not a limited window of overlapping support.
 Apparently I'm reading more than intended.

> We are giving the 90 day notice as a courtesy, should be plenty of time 
> to upgrade installations. As I seem to have to keep saying, keeping 
> your security software up to date is a really good idea.

There's no reason that feature upgrades and security updates *have* to
be bundled.  Many organizations maintain a current feature-release
branch in addition to one or more older, more stable branches which
receive only security updates but are fully supported on an ongoing
basis in parallel with the feature-branch.  Off the top of my head...
Microsoft does, RedHat does, Firefox does, Oracle does, I'm fairly
certain that Arcsight does.  Sourcefire, apparently does not... although
the stated policy is not at all clear on the point.

Mike Lococo

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