[Snort-users] Rule 17494

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Fri Oct 1 22:00:43 EDT 2010

Frankly, I'm surprised I haven't seen more complaints about this rule.
 I only had it active for about a 3 hour window when I actually had
users on the network, and had over 1.2 million alerts out of it before
I got it shut down.  While I believe it's good to load test your
systems, I prefer not to do it on critical production systems and
spend hours trying to shut off the DoS that I got from this signature.
 I've learned my lesson, though; I can't trust automatic deployment of
the VRT subscriber rules any more.

There's a thread earlier this week when I inquired about it, and
Sourcefire said they had a request to write some sigs for really old
exploits that are probably irrelevant for the majority of their
subscribers.  Unfortunately, they apparently skipped the QC on this

On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 2:08 PM, Jefferson, Shawn
<Shawn.Jefferson at ...14448...> wrote:
> Anyone else notice this rule, 17494 triggering a lot today?  Or is it just
> me… it’s an old vulnerability from 2006.
> Microsoft Internet Explorer Long URL Buffer Overflow attempt";
> flow:established,to_server; urilen:>260; content:"GET"; http_method;
> content:"HTTP|2F|1|2E|1|0D 0A|"; metadata:service http;
> reference:bugtraq,19667; reference:cve,2006-3869; classtype:attempted-user;
> sid:17494; rev:1;)
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