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Matt Olney molney at ...1935...
Thu Nov 18 09:31:26 EST 2010

Hi Frank!

Copying the devel list so the Snort team will see this.


On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 4:05 AM, Frank Eberle <himself at ...15051...>wrote:

> Hello,
> recently I've updated a already running installation from 2.9.0 to
> Before the update CPU load was about 30%. After a while I've
> recognized, that the snort process took 100% CPU time.
> I've compiled snort with performance profiler support to analyse the
> problem. I've seen that rule 17468 was the most busy rule with
> and in the preproc stats 'pcre' took much more time than with 2.9.0.
> After tweaking the config file for some time, I've found out that when
> setting the parameter http_inspect_server / server_flow_depth to -1 the
> CPU usage of 2.9.0 and was nearly equal. When setting the
> parameter to 0 or any value greater than 0, I've seen the performance
> issue again.
> Then I've examined the source code (especially the code of http_inspect)
> and in my opinion the behaviour of the server_flow_depth changed
> completely. With 2.9.0 a value > 0 limited the inspection of the entire
> HTTP response (including the body). Now with only the first
> response packet of the header is limited. All following response packets
> are examined. This leads to my observed performance issue. Rule 17468
> examines HTTP responses. The content match (content:"http|3A|") is not
> very significant so the pcre test is called very often which leads to
> the bad performance.
> Has anybody recognized similar performance issues, or does anybody know
> why the http_inspect code was changed in this way (when reading the
> comment in the changelog, the comment in the source code and the
> documentation I'm thinking that this behaviour is a bug).
> Regards
> Frank
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