[Snort-users] Updating sid-msg.map

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Wed Nov 17 13:08:21 EST 2010

Snag Oinkmaster, nab the create-sid.pl, put it in your path and:

/usr/local/bin/create-sidmap.pl /usr/local/etc/snort/rules >

Should create a sid-msg.map out of all the goodies found in the rules


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On 11/15/2010 22:35, Chan, Wilson wrote:
> First off what is the sid-msg.map used for? I looked in my oinkmaster 
> config docs and they recommend to update the sourcefire and emerging 
> threats rule via the create-sidmap.pl script.

FWIW: in my environment, our snort logs do not display the GID:SID so
there was only the MSG text to go by... when i developed one of the mods
for my environment, i added a search capability to locate the MSG text
in the sid-msg.map file which then showed us the GID:SID which is needed
for other functions...

[aside] i'm trying to figure out a way to generate the sid-msg.map file
from multiple rules directories so that the GID 3 rules are included in
the sid-msg.map but time has been very short with a new paying gig that
i've found... 12 hour days of driving do not leave much for network
security related work :? :(

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