[Snort-users] Linux recommendations

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at ...294...
Tue Nov 9 15:35:43 EST 2010

On 11/10/2010 05:16 AM, Castle, Shane wrote:
> autoconf/libtool issue mean that I can't use RHEL5 at all. So, unless I
> want to hold out for RHEL6, I have to start looking for a Linux platform
> replacement.
It's worse than that - RHE6 doesn't have libpcap-1 either.

> The hardware I'm using is a 4-core Intel Xeon 3.20GHz, 8GB, and a RAID 0
> disk arrangement. I've been eying Fedora 14, but it is really geared
> more toward the desktop world than the server world.
We're going through the same issue. Even though I love Fedora and run it
on my own workstation, I wouldn't use it as a platform for snort, and I
expect you're like me and want a platform that will need no major manual
work (ie yum will work) for some period of YEARS. As Fedora is
deliberately arranged with a 1-year lifecycle, it's too short to be a
stable platform IMHO

Myself, we're currently leaning towards migrating from our CentOS4 (yup,
not even CentOS5 - we've had a good few years use out of this platform)
environment to CentOS6 when it comes out - and we'll use
vincent at ...15035...'s good work on libpcap1 to get us past any libpcap
dependency issues. I certainly can't see any logic in using RHE itself
(ie commercial Linux) in this role - snort and surrounding apps are way
to "developmenty" to waste money on a commercial platform, who will
refuse to give you support when you need it because you've
fiddled/replaced standard components.

BTW, I've currently got snort-2.9.0 working fine under CentOS4 using the
same src.rpm's


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