[Snort-users] DAQ and libpcap 1.1.1 vs 1.0.0

vincent at ...15035... vincent at ...15035...
Mon Nov 8 12:05:01 EST 2010

Hi Russ,

On Mon, 8 Nov 2010, Russ Combs wrote:

> I don't seem to have a --disable-remote for my libpcap 1.1.1 configure.
> What exactly does that do?

# ./configure --help|grep remot
   --disable-remote        disable remote capture capabilities

That's all I know. I don't know yet why it causes daq to crash snort when 
that support is compiled in. libpcap-1.0.0 didn't have these 'remote 
capture' features (I think).

> I'm glad you've got a workaround but would like to figure out what the issue is and fix the DAQ if needed.

Yes, so would I. Now that I got the binary distribution 'stabilized' 
enough, I can spend more time trying to figure out why it crashes under 
RHEL5.5 when 'remote capture' is enabled inside libpcap 1.1.1.



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