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Thu Nov 4 18:23:34 EDT 2010

Hi Ovidiu,

There were some other reports on snort-users that 2.9.0.x was segfaulting 
on rhel5.5. Like you already did, I found out that the segfault was 
related to libpcap1. I also noticed the following:

# snort -i eth0
# snort --daq pcap -i eth0
(segaults immediately after 'Initializing daemon mode')

# snort --daq afpacket -i eth0
(works fine but then it doesn't use pcap).

I do not know yet if we're running into this issue because of 
libpcap-1.1.1 or because of my own libpcap1 packaging. I would have to dig 
into the daq library and how it calls libpcap for that.

I'm CC'ing the snort-users list on this since it appears at least someone 
there (Jason Wallace) knows more about this issue. Jason said that getting 
rid of lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor//lib_sfdynamic_preprocessor_example.so in 
your snort.conf might fix that issue.



On Thu, 4 Nov 2010, Stanila Ovidiu wrote:

> Hi Vincent,
>   After allot of try and error tests I discovered that libpcap 1.1.1 was the 
> culprit for the Segmentation fault error,  I managed after some anguishing 
> compilations (i'm really new to the rpmbuild process, only 2 days ago ) to 
> build a libpcap 1.0.0 rpm with the specs file from your build.
> Thank you for all your help.
> Regards,
> Ovidiu
> On 11/04/2010 07:58 PM, Stanila Ovidiu wrote:
>> Hello Vincent,
>>        Thanks allot for your help. I managed to pass that error and 
>> everything  builds just fine, but when i try to run snort i get segfault :
>> kernel: device eth0 entered promiscuous mode
>> Nov  4 10:50:30  kernel: snort[8650]: segfault at 0000000000000010 rip 
>> 00000000004a072c rsp 00007fff7d712070 error 4
>> Nov  4 10:50:30  kernel: device eth0 left promiscuous mode
>>       I compiled manually these versions and all works just well, I don't 
>> know what the problem is. I'm at this since the morning and couldn't get 
>> some good rpm's. Can you tell me how did you make the libpcap 1.1.1 rpm?
>>       I will be glad if you can guide through some checks to see what is 
>> the problems.
>> Regards,
>> Ovidiu
>> On 11/04/2010 06:27 PM, vincent at ...15035... wrote:
>>> Hi Stanila,
>>> I'm currently pushing rpms built with --enable-zlib on that 
>>> website. I don't know if that will have any side-effects but I guess it 
>>> won't hurt.
>>> You got the daq_ipq.* errors because daq didn't build the daq_ipq* modules 
>>> on your system (maybe due to a missing library). At any case, I've changed 
>>> the spec file to be more 'flexible', which should help it build on your 
>>> system (see daq-0.3-3.el5.src.rpm).
>>> The updated list of RPMS is as follows:
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/SRPMS/daq-0.3-3.el5.src.rpm
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/SRPMS/libpcap1-1.1.1-6.el5.src.rpm
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/SRPMS/snort-
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/i386/daq-0.3-3.el5.i386.rpm
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/i386/daq-debuginfo-0.3-3.el5.i386.rpm
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/i386/snort-
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/i386/libpcap1-devel-1.1.1-6.el5.i386.rpm
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/i386/libpcap1-debuginfo-1.1.1-6.el5.i386.rpm
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/i386/snort-debuginfo-
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/i386/snort-mysql-
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/i386/libpcap1-1.1.1-6.el5.i386.rpm
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/x86_64/libpcap1-devel-1.1.1-6.el5.x86_64.rpm
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/x86_64/libpcap1-1.1.1-6.el5.x86_64.rpm
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/x86_64/libpcap1-debuginfo-1.1.1-6.el5.x86_64.rpm
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/x86_64/daq-debuginfo-0.3-3.el5.x86_64.rpm
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/x86_64/snort-
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/x86_64/snort-mysql-
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/x86_64/snort-debuginfo-
>>> dist/snort/RHEL5/x86_64/daq-0.3-3.el5.x86_64.rpm
>>> I hope this helps,
>>> Vincent
>>> On Thu, 4 Nov 2010, Stanila Ovidiu wrote:
>>>> Hi everybody,
>>>>      I installed Vincent's 
>>>> rpm's(https://www.redhat.com/archives/rhelv5-list/2010-November/msg00001.html) 
>>>> on my Centos 5.5 system and after the installation when i ran snort -c 
>>>> /etc/snort/snort.conf -T i got this error:
>>>> ERROR: /etc/snort/snort.conf(194) => Invalid keyword 'compress_depth' for 
>>>> 'global' configuration.
>>>> Fatal Error, Quitting..
>>>> I read on snort forum that this error appears because snort isn't 
>>>> compiled with --enable-zlib option. So i installed the src rpm to try and 
>>>> compile again snort, but when running rpmbuild i got this error:
>>>> checking for daq_load_modules in -ldaq_static... no
>>>>   ERROR!  daq_static library not found, go get it from
>>>>   http://www.snort.org/.
>>>> I tried compiling daq separately, from src rpm provided by vincent,  but 
>>>> there i got this error:
>>>> RPM build errors:
>>>>    File not found: /tmp/daqrpm-0.3/usr/lib64/daq/daq_ipq.la
>>>>    File not found: /tmp/daqrpm-0.3/usr/lib64/daq/daq_ipq.so
>>>> Could somebody help me, I'm all out of ideas.
>>>> I'm kind of new on compiling packages, so any help will be great.
>>>> Thank you for your time.
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