[Snort-users] ssn_groups_Jan10.csv link to download or file format snort

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Tue May 25 14:47:49 EDT 2010

Thanks JJC for your information:

On a monthly basis, the Social Security Administration publishes a list of which Group numbers are in use for each Area.  These numbers can be updated in Snort by supplying a CSV file with the new maximum Group numbers to use.  By default, Snort recognizes Social Security numbers issued up through November 2009.

from google:

We need a url that points to the file: ssn_groups_Jan10.csv

The Snort (2.8.6) user manual also mentions the file "ssn_groups_Jan10.csv", so where is it?
What is the format of this file for use with snort?

The above link just has flat text files for downloads, I think if snort referenced the file ssn_groups_Jan10.csv, then someone should have it. We just need to see it so we can convert the SSN Groups to a csv file.


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