[Snort-users] Snort with two sniffing interfaces

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Tue May 18 13:31:40 EDT 2010

Either run two instances:

/snort/snort -D -N -i eth0 -c /snort/conf/snort.conf

/snort/snort -D -N -i eth1 -c /snort/conf/snort.conf

 or bond the interfaces:

/snort/snort -D -N -i bond0 -c /snort/conf/snort.conf

Personally I run two instances because I have two logically different environments I am sniffing and want/need to run two different configs; if I didn't have this need I would probably go the bonded route.



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So, if you want to use snort to sniff on two interfaces, how do you use the same config file? Is that possible?  Or should I just bond them and make snort listen on the bonded interface?

When I try it like this, I get errors b/c of the .so rules.

/snort/snort -D -N -i eth0 -i eth1 -c /snort/conf/snort.conf

May 18 17:05:54 (none) snort[14547]: FATAL ERROR: /snort/conf/snort.rules(46) : pcre compile of "(<object\s*[^>]*\s*id\s*=\s*(?P<m13>\x22|\x27|)(?P<id1>.+?)(?P=m13)(\s|>)[^>]*\s*classid\s*=\s*(?P<q27>\x22|\x27|)\s*clsid\s*\x3a\s*{?\s*77829F14-D911-40FF-A2F0-D11DB8D6D0BC\s*}?\s*(?P=q27)(\s|>).*(?P=id1)\s*\.\s*(SetFormatLikeSample|CreateFile)|<object\s*[^>]*\s*classid\s*=\s*(?P<q28>\x22|\x27|)\s*clsid\s*\x3a\s*{?\s*77829F14-D911-40FF-A2F0-D11DB8D6D0BC\s*}?\s*(?P=q28)(\s|>)[^>]*\s*id\s*=\s*(?P<m14>\x22|\x27|)(?P<id2>.+?)(?P=m14)(\s|>).*(?P=id2)\.(SetFormatLikeSample|CreateFile))\s*\(" failed at offset 30 : unrecognized character after (?


Andy Berryman


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